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Granville Richards

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LINGO English Language Camp in Belarus
20 - 28 August 2004

building sentences in English

Granville in Belarus

English lesson time ~ doing sentence building.

'Flashcards' were also used for vocabulary and comprehension exercises.

'Teambuilding' games included passing the whole team through a 'spider's web' constructed of cord strung between trees. (You can just see the red cord in the picture). This has to be done without disturbing the web and by using a different 'hole' for each person. The difficulty is of course getting the first and last members of the team through to the other side! teambuilding using a spiders web.
Good News Baptist Church in Minsk

This is the Good News Baptist Church in Minsk who 'hosted' the camp for JANZ TEAM (UK) and provided the Belarusian part of the camp team. And below, the campfire evening in the woods.

camp fire evening in the woods



The camp group photo 2004
the camp group photo 2004

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