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Jean's Jottings for June 2007

Dear Friends,

PRAISE - The Lord for the successful completion of the Translators Training Course (TTC) by 53 participants representing 20 language teams. Praise the Lord also for the numerous reports of things that the Lord did during the course. Please pray for the wrap-up from this year’s course to go well and for the upcoming TTC steering committee meeting as we begin planning for next year's course.

PRAY - For three upcoming courses: New Testament Greek (01 Aug through 12 September), New Testament Exegesis (03 October through 06 November) and Lexicography for mother-tongue translators (17 October through 06 November). Pray that those whom the Lord wants to be at the courses will get word in time, and that all the logistical details will come together for each course, including textbook ordering & shipping, instructor preparation, students travel and lodging, etc.

Ipili People & their New Testament. At the beginning of typesetting the Ipili New Testament, translator, Terry Borchard had a medical evacuation to Australia, with a blockage of his epiglottis, and was at the point of death. The severe mucus was caused by the breakdown of Terry’s immune system. Tests confirmed multiple myeloma. Terry is now being treated in the USA, and continuing the typesetting of the Ipili New Testament via email to Ukarumpa. PRAY: that despite some quite life threatening side effects (blood clotting) to the medication, Terry will be able to complete the typesetting and Emma, who will be receiving the emails, will do an accurate job. We trust it will not be too long before the New Testament is ready to send to the printers in Korea.

Please continue to pray for the election process in PNG which is taking place at different times in the provinces. Pray also for safety on the roads in the ‘coffee season’ when a lot of cash changes hands. There are reports of armed hold-ups on the roads, some being on the road from Ukarumpa to Kainantu, the town 7 miles from Ukarumpa, and which has to be traversed to go anywhere.

Now and into next month is the time of migration from and to PNG. Many folks leaving for furlough or ‘going finish’ will be leaving gaps in the support programme, especially Finance & the Schools.

I have had some short visits to Kettering in Northampton, and to Shrewsbury in Shropshire. I do not have a holiday planned, being single one has to pay so much extra for accommodation and most folks go with other friends and you tend to be on your own. I do have tickets for 4 Promenade Concerts at the Royal Albert Hall to go to and an outing on 19th June to a steam museum & shopping outlet in Swindon.

Thank you for your continued interest in Bible Translation and prayers for the Lord’s work in PNG.

Sincerely in Christ,

Jean Peters

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