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Jean’s Jottings April 2008

Dear Friends,

I trust you have all weathered the winter well, and, like are me looking forward to some warmer days. I was going out earlier today (19th) for a few bits of shopping, but as I stepped out into the cold east wind and drizzle, I decided I could manage without the bits until Monday! In the New Year I had a horrible infection and for most of March wrestled with a virus causing a sinus infection. Other than these hiccups I am, thank the Lord, keeping healthy and receive no regular medications.

In my December letter I mentioned my good friends the Farrs and their village visits. I have to report that dear Cindi collapsed and died on the 15th Jan in the village of Erika. She was buried in a Kofafe village near Tufi. This was a great shock and loss to Jim and all who knew her.

Good news and answers to our prayers is that all work permits were approved. Please keep praying for the needed visa as the government department is short staffed and just about manage to issue the urgently needed visas. Members are not able to leave the country without one, nor are they able to return after leaving the country.

The Impilli New Testament is printed and awaiting shipment. Terry Borchard recently had stem cell implants (from his own bone marrow) and is highly susceptible to infection. Please keep praying for safe and speedy transportation of the NT’s and for Terry to be able to attend the August dedication.

I wrote some time ago of Sivini's story among the Usarufa and how he came to know the Lord in a very dramatic way through TTC. He was the fight leader of the Usarufa and led them successfully in their decades old fight against the Kamano. Now, Sivini preaches the gospel, forgiveness and peace. He is trying to lead the people on a different road. Because of this and various other problems a Usarufa clan and a Kamano clan are seeking to kill Sivini and his family in order to take their land. Please pray for safety and that the Gospel will bring peace to the area.

Photo showing erosion below bridge supports.Photo showing damage to road surface at bridge.







A vital bridge that links Ukarumpa to the Highlands Highway has been undermined by excessive rains, and is not able carry heavy vehicles. It is now difficult getting supplies and fuel into Ukarumpa and Aiyura ( SIL Airport). The Community is also beset by a water supply issue, as a local man is claiming the water in the creek that has been pumped out for almost as long as SIL has leased Ukarumpa. This will be a court compensation issue. Please be praying that these long term issues will not hinder the work and bring discouragement.

Please pray for the Translators’ Training Courses starting on Wednesday 23rd April in Ukarumpa. Fifty-four students from seventeen language groups were accepted but already two groups have had to withdraw. Please pray that all the others will arrive safely, for good village community support and transport from the villages to Ukarumpa, the Lord’s protection over the family members left in the village, and the Lord’s protection over them when they are studying.

Bob Brown has reported the completion of the revised Waris Genesis; copies of this and Ruth-Jonah, and HIV/AIDS booklets have been sent to Wasengla for distribution. Bob himself was unable to fly into the village as planned in December.

Praise the Lord for all He is doing to bring the Scriptures to the peoples of PNG, there is so much to tell of the great things God is doing, that I would overwhelm you if I shared more. I pray this epistle will give you an appetite to keep on with the good work of praying for Bible Translation in PNG.

Christian love,


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