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Ground Elder

With all the rain we've had recently, I decided to tackle the garden. And for those who are gardeners, I didn't even know what this is called, but it is the bane of my garden. I'm told it is ground elder. This is completely all over the back of our garden and I dug down three feet to dig it all out and these roots are so widespread underground, and if you leave just a little bit of root in the ground it grows back again. This never, ever used to be in our garden: I bought some plants from a lady and it must have been in her soil and it came into my garden. I can't kneel to do my gardening [don't say "Ooh, poor thing."], I have to sit on my bottom and do my gardening, and I was doing huge patches; and it just made me think about sin really. In a part of the garden I have this beautiful rose bush and its roots are right next to the ground elder, and I can't get it away from that root. And I thought it is llike the sin that's in us, and although we fight against it, it is always there. It also reminded me that my garden was lovely and this was never meant to be there but it was brought there and it just reminded me about the original garden and how sin came into it. Thank goodness, that although I can't get rid of this, we've got someone in our lives to help us when we are struggling with sin.



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