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- Recording of Liz's testimony.


In my life, I’ve been present at the passing of four close people. First, my father: my mother - it was amazing that we actually got my mother to the hospital in time to be with him before he actually died. I had to be strong because I had to be strong for Mum. I couldn’t grieve until a bit later. And then the next person to go was my husband and I was actually away. The nurses had said [I had been offered this job, as it was, looking after some cyclists] and they said “you go away and enjoy this before he comes home”. I was going to have to look after him – he’d had a stroke and wasn’t able to walk or anything. And then I got this call in the middle of the night and I’m in the middle of the mountains in Italy, to say that he had had another stroke. And, I don’t know, a taxi took me to some airport and I then got an aeroplane to Stanstead, I think it was Stanstead, and then I had to get across London. And I got there. God made him wait until I got there to be with him. So I was with Dad, and I was with Ted, and then I was with Mum. And it was so lovely that my mum passed quietly away after having suffered so much illness in her life.

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And then I was there caring for Rocco all through his cancer, and all this time God has always given me the strength to cope with it; with all these very, with these deaths of these people who are so close to me. And He’s always there whatever. He was there when I went to visit Jean in PNG and my flight was late to France so I missed the flight to Singapore, so I was on the flight the next day to Singapore, but the flight to New Guinea wasn’t till three days later! And there I am stuck in Singapore. I didn’t know what to do: I stuck a pin in the list of hotels and went to a hotel and they looked after me. But everything went alright. I phoned Jean; mobile phones weren’t as good as they are now. I managed to get hold of Jean and she managed to rebook my flight from Singapore to PNG. Unfortunately it didn’t work about finding somebody in Singapore that was a member of Wycliffe, but all the time God was there, and I didn’t feel afraid. So He is there with you no matter what troubles you have.


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