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Testimony to God’s Goodness

This event took place a couple of days before the Easter holidays.

Joe came to me about 15 minutes before he was due to leave for school, to tell me that he couldn’t find his glasses.

Now I must stress that Joe is very particular about where he leaves his glasses at bed time. When he gets into bed the last thing he does is to remove his glasses and put them on his bedside cupboard. So in the morning he knows exactly where they are.

So when he came to me that morning my first question was, “Have you looked on your bedside cupboard?” He said he had and assured me they weren’t there. I checked for myself just to make sure and he was right they weren’t there. We did all the usual, looked under the bed, on the floor, in the bathroom, in the kitchen, but we couldn’t find them any where. I decided to phone Jim to see if he had cleaned them, (Joe’s glasses always need cleaning) and to see if he had put them somewhere else. When I spoke to Jim he said he hadn’t seen Joe’s glasses and had we checked the bedside cupboard? We checked there again, still no glasses.

By this time Joe was starting to get a little panicky. Without his glasses he wouldn’t be able to do his school work and he was worried his teacher would tell him off. I wrote Joe a note to give to the teacher and suggested he start walking to school and if I found his glasses I would bring them straight to school. Joe left with his friend and walked slowly up the road.


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I closed the front door and went back to the bedroom to look for the glasses. I checked the bedside cupboard, under the bed, in the bed etc. As I knelt on the bedroom floor I thought about all the books I have read were someone prays and something wonderful happens, so I decided to pray. This is what I said, “Dear Lord, please help me to find Joe’s glasses. When I open my eyes let his glasses be the first thing I see. Amen”.

I opened my eyes and there on the bedside cupboard were the glasses!!!

I picked them up and ran downstairs. Joe was at the top of the road. I called to him and he ran back to the house. When I told him where I had found the glasses, he said “But we checked there and they weren’t there”. I told him about my prayer and I could see his faith grow before my eyes. He went to school so happy knowing God had done this special miracle just for him.

I have sometimes in the past wondered if God is interested in the little details of my life, but this proved to me that God is very interested in every area of my life, even finding lost glasses.

I suppose this story isn’t about lost glasses but about a little boy with a problem and an amazing God who loves to see His children’s faith grow!

Mish Earlam


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