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Testimony to God’s Goodness

On the 6 th of October I went to a Winning Women Worldwide Conference with a few friends. We had a great day of fun, fellowship and teaching. When we arrived we were all given a small candle with a coloured ribbon wrapped around it and a little label that read “Darkness into Light”

During the day I felt the Holy Spirit speak to me about giving my candle to someone else.

I have a friend who works in a hospice and we had been praying for a couple (who I have never met). The husband has cancer and was given some devastating news a few days before we attended the conference; he had weeks to live. They had just recently booked a family holiday and so desperately wanted to have this time together. He was told that this would not happen because of some difficulty he was experiencing physically.

I felt that God wanted me to give the candle to this couple, but I didn’t want to put any added stress on my friend who already has a very difficult job. My friend shares her faith with patients as much as possible, but is always aware that you need to be sensitive in these situations.

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I wrestled with God all day but eventually gave in and told my friend that I wanted her, if at all possible to give my candle to this couple. I said if she wasn’t able to give it to them I would have it back and light it when I prayed for them.

Three days after the conference the husband gave his life to Jesus, the complication he had was resolved and a week later he was able to go on holiday with his family. Praise God!

And the candle?

Well, the day after he became a Christian, my friend was able to share with this couple that we had been praying for them and that I had wanted them to have the candle. They were overwhelmed and he proceeded to tell everyone about it, testifying to his new faith. My friend was also able to share with work colleges, who were sceptical about his conversion, telling them how we had been praying for him and that our prayers had been answered.

What a great God we have. How He weaves people’s lives together always amazes me. He truly changes “Darkness into Light”.

Mish Earlam


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