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Turning around

We went to the Lake District this year for a holiday in Keswick. Gary and I got engaged in Grassmere, so we thought it would be a great idea to take James and Mark to Loughbrigg Terrace in Grassmere where we got engaged. So, we were walking up to this terrace and James said "Let's go higher." So we went higher and higher up this mountain path and it was raining, it was wet and we were trying not to slip. We got so far up but we decided the best thing to do was go back down again as it was getting a bit treacherous. So we started to climb back down the path and Gary was just ahead with James and I was behind with Mark.

We were going down and trying not to tread in the sheep's mess because you can imagine, can't you, if we'd have slipped in that we would have been absolutely covered in it. So we were being really careful and holding hands very tightly and then all of a sudden there was this sort of commotion behind us and turning around there was this sheep, and I've never seen a sheep move so fast in all my life! It was pegging it down the path behind us - it must have been the benefit of having four legs.


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I told Mark to stay still and I yelled down to Gary to stay still because there was a sheep pegging it down the path. Why on earth was this sheep hairing down the path? Well, I turned around again to see why; and what was it? It was an alsatian! An alsatian came flying down after it. It was like "Who's going to win?" "Is the sheep going to get away or is the alsatian going to catch it?" "What's going to happen next?"

It was quite interesting, standing watching this. The sheep dived round to the left and then it tried to hide in some bushes. The alsatian chased after it and just as we were thinking the alsatian was going to catch the sheep, something happened that was just amazing. The alsatian stopped. It turned around and ran straight back up the path again and completely ignored the sheep. And why do you think that was? It was because he heard his master's voice. It made him change direction and he went back to his master.

And the reason for telling you this is to ask you "What is your response to our Master's voice?"

Nicki Lewington

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