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Testimony to God’s Goodness

I left work as usual. It was a fine dry evening and I enjoyed the walk through the park to where I had left my car that morning. I drove out of the car park and made my way around the roundabouts and dual carriageways of Stevenage towards the motorway for the trek London-bound.

At this time of evening I could expect the traffic at the last roundabout before the motorway to be backing up and I would sit and listen to the radio as I stop-started the final hundred metres to freedom. On a straight dual carriageway with a 40mph speed limit I was surprised to see little waiting traffic in my lane, so I left my braking later than usual. When I did put my foot on the brake pedal, it went straight to the floor! I watched the car in front getting closer as my 35mph speed showed no signs of getting any slower. As I braced myself for the impact with the only car waiting to enter the roundabout, it moved forward!

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By that time I had recovered some composure and remembered what I should be doing – pumping the brake pedal. When I did, I felt the pressure building slightly and I was able to stop on the other side of the roundabout.

I wiped the sweat from my face and prayed a ‘thank you’ to God, who was clearly looking over me. I can’t expect Him to prevent mechanical failures or to stop things from wearing out, but it was comforting to feel His hand on the situation that evening.

If the approach to that roundabout had been as busy as usual I would have ploughed into the back of a queue of cars, causing damage to quite a few and injuring the occupants in the process.

Thank You again, God.


Pete Dean

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