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Razzmatazz Getting to know...Nicki

When I'm not at Razzmatazz having great fun doing the quizzes, I will let you know what I do.

I work for Dulux as a Store Manager and currently look after the Hammersmith store in North London. I have always worked in retail and previously worked for Woolworth’s for 23 years and started with them as a Saturday girl on the tills. What I enjoy most about the job is talking to customers and getting them to spend money! If you want any advice on Painting or Decorating please let me know.

I have been married for twenty years to Gary and have 2 lovely teenagers; James and Mark. Gary does a fantastic job of being a house-husband and dinner is always ready on time!! And yes, I always have enough clean clothes.

I first came to this church when I was 5 years old, to a Friday night club called Sunshine Corner. Razzmatazz is a modern version of Sunshine Corner. I loved Sunshine Corner and as I got too old for it I became a helper and loved giving out lots of points!

As you can imagine as I got older I decided that I loved Sunshine Corner so much, I wanted to give children today the same opportunity to come to church and have a great time. That is why I love helping to lead Razzmatazz and I want you to enjoy learning about Jesus, just as I did.

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Nicki Lewington - Razzmatazz leader

I have been a part of the church family for 39 years, as I started coming to Sunday School when I was 6 years old. I loved being in the church and it was great to be amongst 50 children every Sunday. When I was 15 I made a decision to make a commitment to Jesus, to invite Him into my heart and life and to ask Him to forgive all the wrong things I had done. Since that day I have tried my best to do what I believe Jesus wants me to do. I have a fantastic family and a job I love; I also have a fantastic church family that is full of Jesus Christ's love. In the future I would love to open a children's play centre in South Ruislip where you could come and have fun. I hope this vision will become a reality. I trust my Jesus for the future and will continue to pray for His guidance.

Thank you for taking time to read about my life. I hope it encourages you and you never know, maybe one day you may be a leader at Razzmatazz.



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