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Question 1.

Who is the youngest of Funky Chicken's family?
A: Punky
B: Gunky C: Hunky D: Munky
Question 2.

What did Chunky think was the name of the man the Good Samaritan helped?

  A: Thomas B: David C: Christopher D: Graham
Question 3. What does the graffiti say on the side of the chicken's hut?
  A: Pizza Express B: I hate KFC C: McDonalds Forever D: Funky loves Frankie
Question 4. How many people walked past the injured man on the road to Jericho?
  A: Four B: Three C: Two D: One
Question 5. How many cousins does Funky Chicken have?
  A: One B: Two C: Three D: Four
Question 6. After the farmer had sown his seed, where did the birds find seed to eat?
  A: On the rocks B: In the brambles C: In the farmer's pocket D: On the path
Question 7. What is the name of the school where Funky Chicken's family live?
  A: Chickenley Infants School B: Egham Village School C: Wingfield Infants School D: Peckham Junior School
Question 8. What happened to the farmer's seed that landed on the rocky soil?
  A: It grew very well B: It did not grow C: It grew then shrivelled up D: It grew but was strangled by the brambles
Question 9. What is the name of the caretaker at Funky Chicken's school?
  A: Mr. O'Sullivan B: Mr. Tweedie C: Pierre Tree D: Paul Tree
Question 10. Where did the Good Samaritan take the injured man to be looked after?
  A: A friend's house B: His own house C: An inn D: A hospital
Question 11. What was the name of the snail Hunky almost squashed?
  A: Jack B: John C: Jake D: Jacob
Question 12. Which seed did Jesus say was like people who wanted to be rich and famous more than be like him?
  A: In brambles and weeds B: In rocky soil C: In good soil D: On the path
Question 13. What was the name of the film Fowler (Gramps) was asked to be in?
  A: Runner Bean B: Chicken Runner C: Chicken Dunker D: Quarter Pounder
Question 14. How many sheep were in the shepherd's flock?
  A: 1000 B: 99 C: 110 D: 100
Question 15. What is the name of the pub across the road from the school where the chickens live?
  A: The Post Office B: The Crown Hotel C: The Chickenley Arms D: The Rat and Chicken
Question 16. Why did the shepherd invite his friends and neighbours to a party?
  A: It was his birthday B: He won Millionaire C: He found his missing sheep D: His dog was voted Best in Show
Question 17. How many bunk beds can be seen in Pete's A Hut?
  A: Eight B: Six C: Four D: Two
Question 18. What did Jesus teach in his story of the Good Samaritan?
  A: We should be willing to help others B: We should learn First Aid C: We should not go out alone D: We should not get into fights
Question 19. Where does Frankie Drake live?


A: In Chickenley Beck B: Behind the church C: In the big river D: 30 minutes away, as the crow flies
Question 20. What kind of people was Jesus accused of spending time talking to?
  A: Criminals and vandals B: The rich and famous C: The priests D: Children
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