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Activities for Session 14 [God's Greatest Treasure]

Print the treasure map and all the clues; when you have found the treasure, bring the map to Razzmatazz for more treasure.
When clicked, the 'Listen to...' links will play automatically, although you may have problems if your browser is Google Chrome. Alternatively, right click and save the MP3 file before playing. All the activities open in a new window and need Adobe Reader which can be downloaded for the Razzmatazz Viewers page.

Make your own treasure chest
Treasure Map ~ Clues

Listen to...
1. The Introduction
2. The Vanishing Sins
3. The £10 note
4. The Balloon
5. Ruth's Treasure
6. Only God fits that hole
7. Joseph and Benjamin - Liz
8. The Christmas Story - Sarah

9. Treasure of the week - Phil
10. Treasure of the week - James
11. Treasures of the week - Oli, Mark and others
12. Treasure of the week - Pete
13. Treasures of the week - Oli and others

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