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Razzmatazz is taking an extended break. News of when Razzmatazz will restart will be posted here, and in social media so keep your eyes on this space.

If you want to listen to the stories and everyone's Golden Moments from some of the previous Razzmatazz sessions, visit this page.

There are more activities on this website linked to the stories from each evening of previous sessions - have a go at them and bring them when you come to Razzmatazz. If you want to listen to the stories again, you can find them on the activity pages [starting from session 11].

Brian Taylor's three short stories about Gemma Gibbins-Smythe, Tug Turner and The Three Tecs are well worth a read and can be viewed from Taylor's Tales.

If you prefer pictures and colouring them, there are lots to choose from on the Pictures page. If you like, the webmaster will put them in the Picture Gallery so others can see how good they are; email them to webmaster@srcf.org.uk


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