Razzmatazz Pictures

There are pictures showing stories told by Jesus - to view them and download them so you can colour them go to the Stories page [the pictures appear at the end of each story]. Pictures telling the story of what happened to Jesus at Easter for you to colour can be seen from these links:

Last Supper ~ The Arrest ~ To the Execution ~ On the Cross ~ It is Finished ~ The Burial ~ The Empty Tomb ~ He is Risen.

There are also pictures for each of the stories in the series about Mountains.

If you colour any of these pictures or others in this website and send or take them to Razzmatazz, you will earn extra points and, if you ask, the webmaster will add them to this website for everyone to see: he will also be keen to show any pictures you have drawn yourself.

To see the Razzmatazz Picture Gallery click here.

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