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Each Sunday morning the service is recorded and can be listened to on-line or downloaded in MP3 format where MP3 is displayed. If you need guidance on how to listen or download, please see this page: if your browser is not able to play the file [in particular, mobiles and tablets] downloading the file is the only option. If the whole subject is in green font, that is a link to the speaker's notes for that sermon. Phil Platt's notes are shown on his website, while those of other speakers are on this website. Otherwise, the link is to the website of the organisation which the speaker represents. We are continuing to extend the reach of our worship and teaching by streaming video using our channel. Click on the logo to go to YouTube. The usual audio files are available below from the MP3 links.

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Number Date Speaker Subject / reference
1/21 3 January Darren Campbell Remember What God Has Done.
2/21 10 January Samuel Hephzibah Our Image in God ~ God Made Us In His Image.
3/21 17 January James Jjuuko Our Image in God ~ Our Broken Image.
4/21 24 January Darren Campbell Our Image in God ~ God Calls Us.
5/21 31 January Darren Campbell Our Image in God ~ God Shapes Us.
6/21 7 February Phil Platt God's Spirit Within Us ~ Who Is The Holy Spirit?
7/21 14 February Darren Campbell God's Spirit Within Us ~ Is The Holy Spirit For Us Today?
8/21 21 February Granville Richards God's Spirit Within Us ~ The Gifts of The Holy Spirit.
The first few minutes of this audio is missing: please refer to Granville's notes to read what he said.
9/21 28 February Darren Campbell God's Spirit Within Us ~ How to Receive The Holy Spirit.
10/21 7 March Darren Campbell God's Spirit Within Us ~ How The Holy Spirit Helps Us.
  14 March Phil Platt Mothering Sunday Thanksgiving family service. Activity sheets can be downloaded from Phil's website.  
11/21 21 March Darren Campbell Hard Questions ~ Why Should I Forgive, and How?
  28 March James Jjuuko Hard Questions ~ Why Do We Suffer?  
  4 April Darren Campbell Easter Celebration, and baptism.  
12/21 11 April Darren Campbell What is Faith? ~ What is Faith in God?
13/21 18 April Phil Platt What is Faith? ~ Abram.
  25 April Darren Campbell What is Faith? ~ Moses.  
14/21 2 May Samuel Hephzibah What is Faith? ~ Ruth.
15/21 9 May Darren Campbell What is Faith? ~ Gideon.
16/21 16 May Darren Campbell What is Faith? ~ Mary and Martha.
  23 May Nicki Lewington All-Age Pentecost Celebration.  
17/21 30 May Samuel Hephzibah Biblical Church ~ The Holy Spirit Gives Birth To The Church.
18/21 6 June James Jjuuko Biblical Church ~ Preaching The Gospel With Power.
  13 June Darren Campbell Biblical Church ~ Teaching and Signs and Wonders.  
  20 June Phil Platt Biblical Church ~ Sharing Together.  
  27 June David Baines The Nature of God.  
  4 July Darren Campbell Servanthood and Leadership: Jesus Serves by Teaching.  
  11 July James Jjuuko Servant Leadership. This service also includes Believers' Baptism.  
  18 July Samuel Hephzibah Servant Leadership.  
19/21 25 July Darren Campbell Servant Leadership.
      During August the audio recordings are not made due to the amount of copyrighted materials used.  
20/21 19 September Phil Platt The Plan of Salvation ~ Ephesians chapter 3.
  26 September Darren Campbell Walking in Christ With Love ~ Ephesians chapters 4 & 5.  
  3 October Granville Richards The Armour of God ~ Ephesians chapter 6.  
  10 October Nicki Lewington Harvest Thanksgiving Service.  
  17 October Darren Campbell I Am Who I Am ~ Exodus 3:14.  
21/21 24 October James Jjuuko I am The Way, The Truth and The Light ~ John 14:6.
  31 October Darren Campbell I Am The Light of The World ~ John 8:12.  
  7 November Phil Platt I Am The Vine ~ John 15:5.  
  14 November Darren Campbell I Am The Resurrection ~ John 11: 25.  
  21 November James Jjuuko Advent: Hope ~ Romans 16:13.  
22/21 28 November Darren Campbell Advent: Peace ~ John 14:27.
23/21 5 December Samuel Hephzibah Advent: Joy ~ Psalm 28:7
24/21 25 December Phil Platt Christmas Day service.
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