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What's New
Where are we?
What we believe
Vision for Mission

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Site Map
3 = Diary Diary
Details of services and activities
Job Seekers Club
Teddy Bear Club
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5 = History History
Pictures of the original building
Pictures of the building of the extension
6 = Missionaries Missionaries
Stewart & Carol Sampson - South Africa
Jean Peters - Papua New Guinea
Granville Richards - Belarus
7 = People

Gary's Between Ourselves
Mish [1]
Mish [2]
Mr J. Cox
Nicki [1]
Nicki [2]
Sue [1]
Sue [2]

8 = Resources

Stories Jesus Told
The Holy Bible
Gemma Gibbins-Smythe ~ a story by Brian Taylor
Tug Turner ~ a story by Brian Taylor
The Three Tecs ~ a story by Brian Taylor
Wordsearch - Matthew chapter 1 [in new window]
Wordsearch - books in New Testament [in new window]
WordGuess - names in the Bible [in new window]
Jigsaw - The Open Tomb [in new window]
Jigsaw - Rainbow Over Bethlehem [in new window]
Jigsaw - Samuel and David, [in new window]
Tape Library
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