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Pastor Darren Campbell.

Darren Campbell



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A Bit About Me

I am from a non-Christian family and was introduced to Christianity when I was on a school trip to America. I had always wanted to travel and my first trip was to America. The gospel was preached to me while I was there but sadly nothing really materialised: after the trip I had no church influence or any Christian friends to help me grow. When I was older I returned to America and decided to do a Summer Camp where I re-found my faith and I rededicated myself to Christ while there. When I came back to England I really prayed for a church and went to Wealdstone Baptist Church, which became my foundation and I've attended there ever since. Later I went to Lee Abbey in Devon and spenta while in their community, strengthening my faith. After Lee Abbey, I attended a Christian camp organised by The Salvation Army, where they offered me a job working in one of their drug rehab centres. There I was working with the men, and with the youth, setting up a basketball team which played teams from other churches, even though I didn't play basketball myself.

I travelled back to America, knowing someone from Lee Abbey who was then in Canada, and I worked as a youth pastor for about four years. After that I went to Israel for six months working with The Church's Ministry among Jewish People [CMJ]. On my return to England I went to Bible College [Moorlands] for four years, but, not knowing what I should do after college, I went to Korea and spent three years working as an ESL [English as a Second Language] teacher. Then I visited Cambodia for ten years, during which time I met my wife, and then I felt God calling me back to England. We applied for many jobs and I worked in schools - locally so I could be with my family. Returning to Wealdstone Baptist Church, I helped the youth pastor with the youth work, set up a Men's Group and started a Cambodia Project - planning a school and orphanage in the future. I prayed to God to show me what He wanted me to do next, and that is when He led me to this church, South Ruislip Christian Fellowship.

My hobbies include tennis - I used to play a lot of tennis and was a coach some time ago. I like photography although I don't do as much as I used to, and I enjoy working on a computer.

One thing that is really strong for me is community, and the application of Christianity in it.

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